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This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Song Of The Long Night summary:

The lingering love of her past life has turned to a demon that will hate her until death. The Qingcheng of this life is certain that the past life that killed her was stained in blood... A tale of the strings of love and hate connecting three people. Love and hate are so hard to understand...<br>"If I had the choice, I would never have met you again."

Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 11: Ascension? 2,357 May 30,20
Chapter 9: Is It Her ? 3,393 May 23,20
Chapter 5: Nightmare 4,196 May 12,20
Chapter 4 5,581 May 10,20
Chapter 3 16,540 Jan 07,20
Chapter 2 20,053 Oct 13,19
Chapter 1 24,194 Oct 10,19
Chapter 0 19,839 Oct 10,19
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